Face Complex Care for Lifting and Elasticity

Face Complex Care for Lifting and Elasticity

Comprehensive care for tightening the skin and increasing its elasticity

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When we reach 25 years of age, our metabolic processes slow down, collagen production levels decrease in the skin and the skin withering process gradually begins. Have you noticed weaker skin elasticity and the first wrinkles on your face? It is in your power to extend your youth as long as possible!

The comprehensive care for tightening the skin and increasing its flexibility perfectly hydrates and nourishes the skin, reinforces the lipid barrier and helps smooth out wrinkles. Two easy steps and you will once again smile at your reflection in the mirror!

Step 1: mask-elixir with extracts from Asiatic pennywort, hops and licorice root:
- it helps regenerate and tighten the skin
- it improves its strength and elasticity
- it nurtures sensitive and problematic skin

Step 2: nourishing cream that enhances the effects of the mask:
- it provides the skin with deep hydration and brightens up the skin
- it activates skin regeneration thanks to the natural acids in its composition

The cream has a very fine texture, it is easily absorbed and it does not cause a feeling of heaviness on the face.

Regular use results in restored and tightened skin.


Step 1: apply the mask-elixir onto cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes, and then remove it and rinse the skin with water.

Step 2: apply the beneficial cream onto the skin immediately or within 10-12 hours after using the mask. It can be used as a night cream. Use the complex care 1-2 times a week. Use the product immediately after opening it.

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Asiatic pennywort
Asiatic pennywort

Centella asiatica leaf extract slows down aging processes, increases the elasticity of the skin and smoothes out fine lines.


It fights scalp dryness, eliminates dandruff and relieves itching. Additionally, it eliminates hair loss and strengthens hair structure by improving blood circulation.


Humulus Lupulus Eextract is a source of vitamins, organic acids and flavonoids. Tones and softens the skin making it smooth and delicate, has a bactericidal effect.

AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids)
AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids)

AHA (glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid) are collectively known as "fruit acids" because they were originally found in fruit. They gently cleanse the skin of excess sebum and dead skin cells, eliminate skin imperfections by smoothing the texture and colour of the skin. Accelerate processes of epidermis regeneration.


Collagen improves skin elasticity, facilitates the smoothing out of wrinkles, makes it soft and smooth, maintains optimum moisture level.


Has a regenerating effect, softens and soothes the skin, protecting it from the negative impact of external factors.



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