Anti-Wrinkle Face Complex Care

We will deal with your wrinkles before you know it!

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Did you notice the first wrinkles on your face? Or is it nothing new for you at this point? Whatever the case may be, it is in your power to slow down the withering process and visibly improve the external appearance of your skin.

Comprehensive skin care against wrinkles - It is a great duo of two products that will change your face!

Take two simple steps on your way to perfection!

Step 1: mask-elixir with an extract from hops and vitamin B3.
- it rejuvenates and strengthens the structure of mature skin
- it softens the skin, gives it elasticity and increases its tone

Step 2: beneficial cream, which:
- increases the effect of the mask while nourishing and protecting the skin
- it stimulates skin regeneration thanks to its natural acids

The cream has a very fine texture, it is easily absorbed and it does not cause a feeling of heaviness on the face.

As a result, mimic wrinkles and wrinkles caused by natural ageing are smoothed out.

You can use the comprehensive skin care against wrinkles as a quick and effective product before an important event or for regular beauty rituals - in any case, you will be happy about the result!


Step 1: apply the mask-elixir onto cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes, and then remove it and rinse the skin with water.

Step 2: apply the beneficial cream onto the skin immediately or within 10-12 hours after using the mask. It can be used as a night cream. Use the complex care 1-2 times a week. Use the product immediately after opening it.

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Has a regenerating effect, softens and soothes the skin, protecting it from the negative impact of external factors.


Collagen extract supplies the lack of protein in the skin improving its structure and increasing the turgor. The skin becomes firm and elastic.

AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids)
AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids)

AHA (glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid) are collectively known as "fruit acids" because they were originally found in fruit. They gently cleanse the skin of excess sebum and dead skin cells, eliminate skin imperfections by smoothing the texture and colour of the skin. Accelerate processes of epidermis regeneration.

Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3

Active form of Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) improves metabolism in skin cells, smoothes the skin and makes wrinkles less deep.


Humulus Lupulus Eextract is a source of vitamins, organic acids and flavonoids. Tones and softens the skin making it smooth and delicate, has a bactericidal effect.



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