Bio-Lamination Effect Hair Conditioner

Bio-Lamination Effect and Express Hair Styling

Code: 27006 , Volume: 250 ml
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Is your hair unruly and sticking out in all directions? Do you think that they will return to their place on their own and everything will be the same? We probably won’t please you, but they won’t return. Use a product that will get your hair in line.

The Bio-lamination effect hair conditioner from the FreshClick line from TianDe creates a thin layer on the hair that prevents the cells from separating from the hair cortex.

The product gives hair a luxurious glossy shine and a well-groomed look. Provides the effect of express hair styling “strand by strand”.

The bio-lamination effect is ideal for:
- curly and wavy hair
- bleached hair and hair treated with a chemical perm
- thin and unruly hair
- hair damaged by heat or salty seawater

The hair conditioner contains a modern complex of STEPANQUAT hair smoothing agents and the corn gluten amino acids.


Evenly apply on wet clean hair. After 2-3 minutes rinse thoroughly with water.

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STEPANQUAT complex for hair softness
STEPANQUAT complex for hair softness

The STEPANQUAT complex makes your hair easy to comb and can tame unyielding hair. Curly, long, damaged, or prone to tangling - all problematic hair will be much easier to comb. The complex also has antistatic properties and provides the hair with softness and amazing smoothness.

Corn gluten amino acids
Corn gluten amino acids

Corn gluten amino acids - methionine, lysine, and threonine. Methionine contains sulphur, an essential building block of the hair protein keratin. It is an essential amino acid that the body cannot produce and obtains only in food or as a dietary supplement. This amino acid is a building block of collagen. American researchers have shown that lysine intake can halt hair loss in those with androgenic alopecia. Threonine acts as a conditioner on hair and skin and has antistatic properties.



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