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Face & Body Lifting 3D-Massager

Beauty and harmony sculptor

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A convenient gadget will become your personal home massage therapist and an excellent alternative to salon procedures. Spending only 10–15 minutes a day, you will get a great result very soon: a noticeable face lift and firm body.

- While scrolling, two lymphatic drainage rollers with a radius of rotation of 360 degrees keep a layer of skin between them, effectively working it out.
- Small triangular faces of the rollers help to further improve the local microcirculation.

Massager will be a great help in sculpting the face. Its regular use will help:
- get rid of the second chin, tighten the shape of the face
- return skin freshness and elasticity, improve its overall condition
- increase muscle flexibility, reduce the severity of wrinkles

Massager effectively works on body shaping. It contributes to:
- reduction of visible stretch marks
- elaboration of problem areas
- prevention of edema and cellulite

Want to enhance the effect? Use the massager in a complex with masks, creams or anti-cellulite products TianDe.

Warnings: don’t use in case of irritated skin, dermatitis, if a cardiostimulator was installed, during your period, pregnancy, in case of hemophilia (blood clotting disorder), blood vessel damage, predisposition to high blood pressure, catching cold, 24 hours before or after epilation.


Duration of massage is 10–15 minutes. Massage the face and body along the massage lines without stretching the skin. With a strong redness or intense pain, the use of the massager should be discontinued.

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